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Cisco View Interface Configuration

It’s possible to view the configuration of a single interface on a Cisco IOS devices. show runnning-configuration interface gigabitethernet 1/0/3

Cisco Show Command in Configuration Mode

It’s possible to use the show command when in configuration mode on Cisco IOS devices by running do before do show running-configuration do show ip routing-table

Re-sort MySQL table ID’s

SET @count = 0; UPDATE `users` SET `users`.`id` = @count:= @count + 1;

MySQL Import Progress

Doing a large MySQL import and want to view its progress. apt-get install pv root@WB-SRV-02:/# pv /var/www/moodle_db_backup.sql | mysql -u root moodledev 6.94MiB 0:00:28 [99.6KiB/s] [> ] 1% ETA 2:26:34

How many users are in your AD Group?

Simple command which will count how many users are in your Active Directory group. This will require administrative privileges. In PowerShell run: Import-Module ActiveDirectory (get-aduser -filter {memberof -recursivematch “CN=Staff,OU=Groups,DC=bargent,DC=com”}).count

Prevent # href Page Jumping

Many JQuery toggles are controlled by ‘a’ links with ‘#’ href values however when clicked they can make the page jump. This simple code will lock the page position: //Prevent page jumping to top on # click $(“a.submenu-button”).click(function(e) { e.preventDefault();… Continue Reading →

Must Know Chomebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are my 10 must know keyboard shortcuts to get the most out of your Chromebook. Ctrl + T – Open New Tab Ctrl + W – Close New Tab Ctrl + N – Open New Window Ctrl + F5… Continue Reading →

TWiki Sidebar With LDAP Authentication

TWiki allows you to create personal sidebars so the user can pin pages however with Active Directory Apache Authentication the username is all lowercase when Twiki imports it. Personal Sidebar requires the page name to be a Wiki Word. When… Continue Reading →

Concrete5.7 Custom Login

In earlier versions of Concrete their was a file called site_theme_paths.php the config folder which defined whether single pages would use the default theme styling or a custom theme. In 5.7 this has been moved to the app.php file. Inside… Continue Reading →

Require and Provide Concrete5 Assets

When developing a new C5 theme the documentation on scripts and using core scripts is a bit vague for 5.7 installations. The following code allows you to tell C5 that your theme doesn’t include jQuery so load it: $this->requireAsset(‘javascript’, ‘jquery’);… Continue Reading →

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